General Preparedness

Adapt tried and true principles, practices and techniques

Adapt the training for nonviolent direct action usually required of all action participants, which is mature and robust (e.g. Rosa Parks had attended such training before she refused to give up her seat on that bus in Birmingham, AL), for various age groups and make it freely available throughout our society. Do not despair of reaching every citizen; any increase in the understanding, awareness and imagination it engenders will benefit many more than the number so trained.


Because we are so mobile, it is likely that many will not be at their respective home bases when any significant challenge arrives. In those cases, people will need to move directly and gracefully into working relationships with unfamiliar people. In stressful situations marked by uncertainties, ordinary politeness cannot be expected to suffice! Principles, practices and techniques of people who have consciously prepared themselves for plausible predicaments are far superior.



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