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FEMA - State or Local Liason for Closeout

I would suggest establishing a liason of experienced EM/FEMA personnel to work between State, Local, and Regions of FEMA, especially in closeout functions of long term recovery offices. This could be effective also by the use of a qualified contractor for advisory personnel. Inexperienced Long Term CORE employees have taken the stand of accountants and final authorities in de-obligation of funding Project Worksheets. Often a review will indicate lack of knowledge or expereice in the particular program and delays in the final close out process. This delay is not just in months but often years. Analysis of this process often indicates time and expenses of long term personnel are much higher than the recovery process or de obligation. The process may even reveal an inaccurate assement of program authorities or lack of understanding of the recovery process. An example of this very action is an outstanding appeal for almost 6 years when a similar entity within the organization was granted funds on an earlier appeal. The liason would work as an arbitrator to resolve these actions in a much shorter time frame therefore creating a more pro active image for FEMA closeout process and recovery.



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