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Find a way to incorporate location technology in cell phones to allow agencies to send emergency messages. Is there an app for that?


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  1. Comment
    Janis Comstock-Jones

    Attempt to standardize the quality of information to be distributed through apps. Apps are so easily created and distributed, this could easily become a nightmare of misinformation similar to other counter-productive rumor transmissions, whether unintentionally (spreading rumors) or maliciously (spam/hackers). This might be prevented to some extent by generating "official" apps asap to get ahead of the trend.

  2. Comment
    Scott Paltall ( Idea Submitter )

    We have tools that allow us to select an area on a map to make automatic calls to landlines. I want a way to select the cell phones in that area too. The EAS system works only if you have a radio or TV with you. With so many people getting all their entertainment from MP3s and internet television, there's no way to get EAS info to them based on their current location.

  3. Comment
    Chuck Brick

    Blanket text messaging of cell phones (and Alpha-Numeric pagers), if the necessary security precautions were observed, could prove quite useful and effective for disseminating emergency information. Few people don't have at least one cell phone on/near them at all times.

  4. Comment
    Phil Pettit

    We don't need propietary apps! Just create mobile accessible web pages

  5. Comment
    Scott Paltall ( Idea Submitter )

    Phil - I agree, nothing proprietary. There should be a way to push emergency information to cell phones. Mobile web pages are good, but that requires people to request the information. I want something that sends the information to cell phones instead.