Resource Typing and Credential to support Inter and Intra State Mutual Aid


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Support inter- and intra-state mutual aid by assisting states/regions/local communities with funding and technical assistance to type resources and credential personnel in responder disciplines (all appropriate for response; not just governmental). Work towards an interactive resource information and request system to shorten and sustain response to a disaster or catastrophic event. Strive to align the EMAC Mission Packages and request processes with the resource typing/credentialing terminology and details already on the FEMA website


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  1. Comment
    Scott Paltall

    Working in public safety, I've found that a lot of public safety managers are very reluctant to use common terminology. This does need to change.

  2. Comment
    Brad Learn

    Interstate mutual aid (EMAC) worked well in Katrina and many disasters since then. I agree EMAC resource typing should be supported in NIMS resource typing. Plus federal preparedness funds should be used to support the development of these resources. They are a flexible, adaptable resource that interacts well with local responders.

  3. Comment
    Robert Ross

    California is in the process of setting up a 'disaster corps' program - one that will incorporate CERT, VIPS, FireCorps and other programs. Groups that elect to participate will be classified into 4 categories, with sub-specialties, along with their groups. If this was spread to each state, agencies like FEMA could simply poll the states for their capabilities and locations.