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Safer Emergency Candles

I suggest that you consider this innovative new concept as a tool to be used for emergency preparedness and disaster relief.


Kevin’s Kandles introduces a new concept in Safer, Cost Effective, and Environmentally Friendly Emergency Candles.


Montreal, Québec, September 1, 2010 – Kevin’s Kandles Inc. is proud to introduce a product that has the potential to greatly improve fire prevention and fire safety throughout the world.


The United States experience more than 15,000 “reported” accidental candle fire each year.

Kevin’s Kandles provide a viable alternative to traditional emergency candles for Survival-in-Place use because they are:


- Much safer.

They will not burn to their base and ignite combustibles under or near their base.

When tipped over, these candles go out.


- Convenient and far less expensive.

A Small pack designed to be stored in a kitchen cupboard containing

the potential to provide 100 – 10 hour candles.

Cost is less than 20¢ per 10 hour candle including your vegetable oil.


- Environmentally friendly.

Traditional candles consume paraffin wax that is a byproduct of the petroleum industry.

These candles consume vegetable oil and cotton wicks, both are renewable energy sources.


The initial target market is North America with a focus on providing a better and safer alternative to emergency candles presently available. This is very important, as experience has shown that the average family has approximately one hour of battery powered illumination at their disposal. During extended power failures people tend to become creative with their methods of illumination, often jeopardizing their safety.


Fire prevention and fire safety is our driving force. In addition to the retail market, Kevin’s Kandles is proud to provide a special program for Fire Departments interested in distributing these candles as a fund raiser. This is a Win-Win situation that enables you to raise money for your department while at the same time reducing the potential of accidental candle fires in your community.


These candles are also available in bulk to the international market with the intent of providing them in Third World Countries. Think of the potential of providing these safer candles to the people in Africa as an example where most areas are without electricity. They provide a safer means of illumination at a fraction of the cost of traditional candles. Important in countries where the Gross National Income averages $1. / day.

They could be a fantastic tool for the United Nations, UNHCR, FEMA, and all Humanitarian Relief Organizations.


Each pack of Kevin’s Kandles contains 100 – 10 hour candles, enough to provide a family with 3+ months of illumination. A carton measuring 15 x 15 x 20” and weighing 22 pounds contains 500 packs of candles providing the end user with 50,000 candles. A 40 foot shipping container holds 648 boxes, providing an equivalent of 324,000 packs or 32,400,000 candles. Compare this to the logistics of shipping and storing the same amount of traditional candles will fortify the importance of this new concept in emergency candles.


Please visit our website for more information and to watch the demonstration video. We are confident that as an individual trying to improve your family’s safety, a Fire Department, an Emergency Preparedness Group or even a retailer, you will be impressed with the merits of this product.



Kevin Dawson


Kevin’s Kandles Inc.

1041 Thierry St.

Montreal, Quebec


H8N 1G8

Telephone #:514-952-7870






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