Individual/Community Preparedness

Revise FEMA's IS-22 Are You Ready? course (last updated in 2004)

The FEMA "IS-22 Are You Ready? An In-depth Guide to Citizen Preparedness" should be revised and updated. The course was last revised in August 2004 - before the lessons of Hurricane Katrina and well before the explosive growth of social media such as Facebook and Twitter. The curriculum revision should involve representation from communities across the nation, including people who have been using the curriculum to provide ...more »

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General Preparedness

FEMA "Make a Kit" iPhone App

Create an iPhone app that assists the public in creating kits by:

* Helping them decide how many kits they need (home, car, work, etc.)

* Helping them decide what should go in each kit.

* Helping them shop for kit packages / items.

* Helping them keep track of what they have already purchased or assembled

* Helping them maintain the kit (replace water, etc.)

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General Preparedness

Levels of Preparedness

Introduce the concept of "Levels of Preparedness" to encourage citizens to prepare for emergencies. Too many citizens think the tasks of "preparing" for an emergency is too daunting. Too many things to buy. Too hard to make a plan. So many do not start or do not finish becoming prepared. FEMA should introduce the "Levels of Preparedness" to guide citizens to the most important levels right away (3 days of water, etc.), ...more »

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