Individual/Community Preparedness

BISCO Family Emergency Plan

BISCO (Bayou Interfaith Shared Community Organizing) developed a form after witnessing over a thousand evacuees in the shelter we organized who had no way of finding loved ones, knowing what meds they were on and other valuable info. We researched several available forms and developed one we wanted to use for just that instance. Our form is to be completed by each family and all their grown children, parents, grandparents, friends whoever they care about. Those forms once completed are sent to an out of the area contact who lives away from their area. This person keeps the forms on file incase of any emergency. You would keep their contact info on you or at least know who has your forms and what town they are in. Once seperated they are to call in to the out of town contact and report in, so anyone looking for them will know where they are. This list would also have vital info such as heatlh concerns and medication lists of each person in the family. So instead of saying I take a little red pill, they can call their out of town contact to get the info. Usually phone service away is available, even if no one locally can be reached. We do have a copyof the form we can send you if you would like. It is not copy writed and can be changed to however it works best for any area of the country and any disaster. We also made one form for individual with health issues that has more room to list appropriate medical history or concerns.



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