General Preparedness

Bring in the Military

Huge gaps exist in our ability to properly address catastrophic man-made and natural disasters. As a nation, however we do have the global resources to prepare, prevent, and/or mitigate most events. But, we must utilize all of our strategic resources to do so. This includes the vast resources of our Department of Defense (military). They have the command and communication structure, the training, the experience, and the logistical base to operate effectively and efficiently across national and global borders. DHS, the FBI, local law enforcement, and other civilian agencies play a critical role, but they can't compete with our military. Fact is, Posse Comitatus is now becoming obsolete and obstructive. Examples where unique military resources could have been effectively deployed include 911, Katrina, the BP oil spill, California wild land fires, violent drug cartel activity in Mexican border states, and God forbid in the event of a nuclear, chemical, or biological attack against a large American population center or infrastructure site.



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