Preparedness Capabilities and Assessments

Building Resilient Communities Through Education & Grants

ICOR believes that change can be made through education. ICOR (The International Consortium for Organizational Resilience - is a non-profit (501c3) international education and credentialing organization. Our mission is to develop resilient communities through education. See our Resilient Community model which was developed based on the United Nations definition of a disaster resistent community.


Our educational program is based on the 10 disciplines that support resilience - see ICOR University at


ICOR also supports the PS-Prep initiative as an outgrowth of PL 110-53 Title IX. There are many ways to educate people to ensure that they are mitigating risk and planning for continuous operations but much more needs to be done. Currently there is no incentive for the private sector to comply - requiring PS-Prep certification for government contract work would be one incentive. Reducing insurance premiums would be another incentive.


Business Continuity, Risk Management, Crisis Management and such is still seen as a cost center and not good business practice and having incentives would help to make more private sector businesses use these solid business practices to make their organizations more resilient.


If FEMA provided grants to education bodies so that they could develop and deliver quality education to the small business, non-governmental agencies, volunteer organizations, etc., at a low cost then they would have the same access as those in the private sector to learn how they can be prepared.



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