General Preparedness

CERT to train families for preparedness

CERT teams should conduct SEVERAL family preparedness meetings in the community at schools, churches (maybe link with ministerial alliance folks) and fire houses. These meetings would present family and individual preparedness topics to include fire safety and having a fire plan for the family, but also being prepared for disasters, communication plans, etc. Partner with local hardware stores to publish lists of materials they can purchase and perhaps give them a 5 gal bucket in which to put all of there emergency supplies. CERT is a great program, but isn't well known yet. By having CERT conduct these programs they can both reinforce their training as well as help families identify what they need to do to be safe and to be a part of a resilient community. Not everyone wants to be a part of CERT, probably because of the time commitment. These meetings are a way for families to get the information without having to join CERT and to realize their responsibility to become part of a resilient community. On the other hand, CERT teams can certainly pick the low hanging fruit and recruit interested parties.



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