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Coherent FEMA Support Process Policy

Coherent FEMA Support Process Policy

FEMA needs to quickly develop and approve a coherent across the board policy on NRC, RRCC, JFO support process doctrine as a solid core to allow credentialing and training that reflect the process and doctrine as it does not exist at present. This needs to be done with input from all levels to promote acceptance and use. As FEMA is basically a Multi Agency Coordination Group supporting state operations, as outlined in the existing NIMS Doctrine it would be prudent to shape it around it. Given the small size of the number of personnel in FEMA, this will allow FEMA to train full time and Reserve personnel to be able to effectively surge to help any region with little training time to be effective as the support processes will be the same FEMA wide.

Forms different from the ICS forms for front line tactical response also need to be developed that will work more effectively in the NRC, RRCC, JFO support processes.



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