Nongovernmental and Volunteer Organization Preparedness

Empowering Communities

I suggest you make one goal to empower private and public sectors and NGOs by providing training and tools, which will enable them to conduct timely and informative outreach strategies to vulnerable populations, within our nation’s diverse communities, during all phases of emergency management.

In collaboration with local, state, and tribal emergency managers, deployment of FEMA’s External Affairs Reservist and Voluntary Agency Liaison Cadres and local Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT) to support local preparedness outreach strategies and empower communities.

This FEMA/CERT team will focus on capacity and partnership building with NGOs, private sector, nonprofit organizations, grassroots organizations, elderly and children’s programs, and faith and community based organizations’ leaders. As community champions, who work within the diverse communities, these leaders can identify volunteer trainers to participate in a “Neighbor Helping Neighbor” volunteer training program, which has an accompanied tool kit. We believe this approach to community preparedness, resiliency and sustainability will help “improve our capability to prepare for, protect against, respond to, recover from, and mitigate all hazards”. (FEMA mission statement)

These trained volunteers will encourage and enlist the help of area residents to ensure everyone is aware about the importance of preparedness.



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