Individual/Community Preparedness

Evaucation Assistance for our Elderly and Special Needs People

This includes assisted-living, residential care homes, board and cares, adult residential and other special needs facilities. I have put a Disaster Prepardeness Task Force in place in San Diego County to represent such in the event of an evacuation, they will receive the assistance to relocate from one facility to another - with the collaborative efforts of the local, city and county emergency services. I have been working on this project since April 2010, voluntary...speaking at events, attending meetings for providers and administrators - to raise Disaster Preparedness Awareness - and help them become proactive and self-reliant at the same time - as they are responsible for the direct, quality care of the elderly and special needs they oversee in their facilties. I would like to take this model to other cities, counties and states. I enjoy doing this and very passionate about it...a Disaster Preparedenss Evacuation system is NEEDED for our Elderly and Special Needs communities! If there are existing-like systems/task forces out there, please let me know!



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