General Preparedness

ICS For Weather Hazards

Whereas tornadoes seem to get every body's attention, and whereas, there is at least an occasional threat of a tornado in many places around the country, and whereas the actions of public safety and individuals before and then rarely after an actual tornado are so very similar to what should happen for most threats and actual hazards. Therefore let it be resolved that all jurisdictions and all of their agencies and all their personnel will have official weather spotter training and that they will work together more closely under an improved version of the NOAA/NWS's StormReady Program which will call for all agencies in a jurisdiction to be working under the principles of NIMS, making full utilization of ICS and that all weather command posts will be equipped with real-time precipitation gages and wind gust reporting devices. Further, that a weather command will be initiated for all weather hazards, including winter weather that would include public works. Over kill? Yes it is, and the only chance most public safety/public works personnel will ever have to work under a multi-agency command.



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