General Preparedness

Improvements to HSPD-3

In reference to the National Threat Levels, I personally asked people within my community about what the current threat level was and what it meant. Most people stated that they didn't know much about it and others stated that they didn't care. When inquiring this information from the local fire department, they could tell me what the forestry department threat level was for brush/ forest fires but told me that they would have to look up the National Threat Level for me. With the local rescue squad, they looked at each other like they had no clue what I was talking about. I think that we need better education of the warning system and daily advisement through all news networks and all newspapers. The lack of knowledge of the citizens is scary. Some just refuse to pay attention to anything dealing with threat to life, property, or the enviornment. Also, have apps for smart phones and gadgets for the newer Windows versions (i.e. Windows Vista and Windows 7). The gadget for Windows would be great for my laptop. There also may be a consideration of creating 2 different threat levels warning systems for the Nation and the airline sector.


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