Preparedness Policy and Guidance

Large Building Mandates and Laws are are needed !

We need to consider these mandates for any large building;these buildings are like large cities, with many of the same security concerns. DHS-FEMA need to mandate by laws or codes mandatory training for a large building's chief engineer and maintenance staff; and make these chief engineer's requests mandatory policy for the building's General Manager and owner(s) regardless of the bottom line. The 9/11 Commission saw potential flaws in this building engineer --general manager connection and made policy, but did not mandate laws. This is a potential fatal flaw in the DHS-FEMA large building response system-NIMS. Maintenance workers and Chief engineers for large buildings are often 1st responders and help provide the building's 'eyes' and 'ears' and 'map' for any 1st responders in ANY TYPE of emergency response .



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