General Preparedness

Levels of Preparedness

Introduce the concept of "Levels of Preparedness" to encourage citizens to prepare for emergencies.


Too many citizens think the tasks of "preparing" for an emergency is too daunting. Too many things to buy. Too hard to make a plan. So many do not start or do not finish becoming prepared.


FEMA should introduce the "Levels of Preparedness" to guide citizens to the most important levels right away (3 days of water, etc.), then to intermediate levels (simple kits, 3 days food, out-of-state contacts), and then to more advanced levels (training, written plan, 2 weeks food and water, etc.).


This will naturally guide citizens to take a step-by-step approach to becoming fully prepared.


Some will be encouraged to achieve the higher levels, others will know that at least have achieved some level of preparedness.



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