General Preparedness

Make it personal!

We are battling complacency and denial and they are strong forces. We have to come up with novel ways to reach the public and get them to invest in resiliency - emotionally and financially. There needs to be a path that eases them in and builds along the way. Incentives may be needed initially, but eventually, people will get it and it won't be necessary.


My suggestion is to do PSA's that highlight stories of real people who were involved in disasters and do a compare and contrast with those who were prepared and those who weren't. It should be done to reflect the threats the viewing audience faces (e.g. don't have someone describe how a hurricane affected them in Tucson, AZ). The PSA's should also highlight the simple and cheap things to do like making a family plan; doing text messaging like the SafeAmerica Text First, Talk Second campaign; and making a kit that has the essentials like drinking water and medicine.


You have to make it personal. Billboards are great, but it doesn't get anyone's attention except those of us who are already believers. Real people, real stories. Compelling and motivating.



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