General Preparedness

Prep, Employ, Modify and start again.

Establish teams to deploy and engage the locals in required learning. Current practice of acquiring "Awareness Courses on line" is convenient for some, but difficult for others. General preparedness starts with the locals, the method for reaching that goal has to remain a combination of education and experience. Determining the capabilities and providing assessments should be done more like the military accomplishes their Operational Readiness Inspections or ORI's. Generally a Staff Assistance team is deployed first to look at what is in place, what needs to be fixed, and then they take the action to see it is fixed. The current practice of Exercise and complete an AAR doesn't take the task to fruition.. especially if there are no corrective actions taken. It is great to identify the shortfalls, but to avoid correcting the issue is almost criminal. In the past we have seen some great programs, but they fall short after the hotwash...

Establish NIMS.ICS strike teams, instructors, and follow up.... the need to prepare and stay prepared is evident.

Protect People, Property, and the environment is still the bottom line.

With the roll back in military operations, there will be a wealth of experience returning from the mid east. Slight changes in approach may be necessary, but the drive and determination displayed by our prior military members would go a long way to improving the present system. (Not that Civilian counterparts couldn't also be dedicated and devoted to their work) These guys have already been trained to work well with others, in difficult situations, and often dire surroundings... emergencies can and are much like war. We stay in a constant battle of prep, employ, and modify, then start agian.



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