General Preparedness

Preparedness Cooperative

I would suggest that various local/count/state planners consider creating a Preparedness Cooperative. Basically what would happen is that the agency would create a coop and advertise within the community. The purpose of the coop is to provide those who join the opportunity to take steps to prepare. Like purchasing emergency supplies. The coop would find/support that action with either wholesale pricing or other leveraging actions. They would also make available training like 1st aid and other skills to be taught. The members would have to agree to volunteer time to educate others about emergency preparedness, the coop's goals and so on. There are several ways to find funds such as membership fees (nominal), grants and other funding. The idea is to have a ready made resource that goes out and tries to encourage others to prepare and learn. We can use the idea of having children learning about disasters and response. Not only teach them about disaster response but let them tell their parents/family about the coop. Basically the coop would be a way to encourage others to prepare, give them a mechanism to actually prepare and recieve valuable training. And the local agency gets a louder voice/presence in the community as well.l



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