General Preparedness


I suggest you...I would like to suggest training the USCG Auxiliary to teach disaster preparedness and perform other roles as needed for disaster. They already have security checks, must be US citizens, have special ID, uniforms, understand command structure, are required to understand ICS, and can function as a unit. Just like FEMA's DAE's, they posess a lifetime of experience, knowledge, skills, and abilities and are familiar with the CG method of operation. They already do a lot of public education, examination of vessels, patrols, provide security, radio watchstanding, cook, and are qualified in many other CG ratings. Use them instead of taking and training one timers with no experience. PAY THEM based upon their KSA's. Having worked many disasters with FEMA and being a member of the USCG AUX, I know this would enhance our readiness and response. The AUX has boats, aircraft, vehicles, radios, mobile units that can respond at any time once ordered by the CG. AUX members also have local knowledge of people and geography plus a built in network of support and assets. They already exist. Add a Volunteer Medical Response team (with advice from USPHS who supports the CG anyway) and everything is under one command. Why have many underfunded separate independant units when training and command can be consolidated under an already existing sucessful structure?



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