Individual/Community Preparedness

Publish Action-based Templates

Create and publish templates for personal and organizational preparedness, response, recovery,and mitigation. There is currently no central source that can be accessed which guides a person through the process of identifying the scope of what needs to be done for their family, their business, their neighborhood, their community, etc. Laypeople who are assigned/assume emergency management responsibilities at work, at church, or in their neighborhood must do extensive research to gain an awareness of what they should do and the factors to be considered in how to do it. A series of templates could greatly expedite the process and improve the quality of the work accomplished. Sample questions to be addressed might include: (1) What are the hazards that should be considered? (2) How do I assess the risk associated with each of these hazards? (3) What factors need to be considered in my Family/Church/Business/Neighborhood Response Plan? (4) What actions should be included in my Family/Church/Business/Neighborhood Mitigation Plans? (5) Who can I/we partner with in order to develop some synergy?



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