Preparedness Capabilities and Assessments

Radiologic monitoring post-attack

The real elephant in the room is radiologic monitoring and sheltering. About a decade ago the US government got out of the radiologic monitoring business on US civilian nuclear battlefields. Since this time 1 hostile country has tested nuclear devices and another which has made repeated threats against the US is nearing that point. Considering the probability of retaliation in kind it would seem likely that such an attack would likely be done using 'terrorist' operatives. This would almost certainly involve a surface burst (or more) with much local fallout. Without at least 1 high level survey meter per 1000 population already in place it will be necessary to assign police and fire personnel to do surveys in the fallout field (This WILL be fatal for the involved personnel.) in order to obtain vital information needed to protect our population. Our population is our most critical asset and the most difficult to replace quickly.



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