Individual/Community Preparedness

Repeal Restrictions on Armed Citizens

Add “Weapons for Personal Protection” to Emergency Preparedness lists.


In regards to active shooter/terrorist actions, It has been demonstrated (repeatedly) that the best-case scenario is intervention by an armed citizen on the scene. The Police cannot prevent mass killings. That is the un-debatable fact of history. Even a 2 minute response is considered fast, yet over 30 people died at Virginia Tech. plus many other examples.

In support of my suggestion, consider Ms. Jeanne Assam ( ) who was on a volunteer security team for New Life Church in Colorado when a gunman walked in with the intention of killing a lot of people. He was stopped because she was armed. Most of these attacks happen in locations where guns are banned (often by work or school policy) and the shooters often kill themselves once they are confronted (the recent workplace shooting in Connecticut is a typical example of shooters committing suicide) It is important that state laws, workplace and school rules be seriously reconsidered. Teachers (and adult students) should be allowed to keep a concealed firearm. This has worked just fine in Israel and even some US Colleges (I think in Utah). Too many people have died because honest citizens obeyed those rules that were supposed to keep people safe. Terrorists and common murderers know this and take advantage of it.



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