General Preparedness

Train and equip first responders against nuclear terrorism/attack.

The average first respnder says "we are expected to respond to nuclear terrorism or attack but we have not been trained or equipped."


What is needed is a leader like Governor Tom Ridge who would be willing to equip our first responders with SIRAD radiation monitors developed by the Department of Defense (goto and search "SIRAD") Governor Ridge could also inform U.S. emergency management of the self-training Nuclear War Survival Skills manual developed by the U.S. Department of energy.


The technology is there and the training is there to take our first responders out of harms way at the cost of a rounding-error. Not to mention protection of our communities.


The solution is to hire Governor Ridge or someone like him who cares enough about our first responders and has the ability to connect the dots in government to get them trained and equipped against the effects of nuclear terrorism or attack.



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