Preparedness Policy and Guidance

US National Grid Essential to Spatial Response Coordination

I suggest you give attention to the importance of spatial interoperability to the conduct of emergency response operations. No attention is being paid to how spatial orientation should be maintained in responding to an incident, particularly if an injury or similar localized event occurs and rapid response/evacuation is necessary. Maps provide graphic pictures of incident areas but are completely useless for precisely locating events that might require immediate response unless they contain a grid that is both commonly understood and useable with GPS equipment. When maps are overlaid with a coordinate grid, specifically the U.S. National Grid, then an injury or other situation requiring response can be reported by GPS-equipped personnel and immediately located on the map to within 10 meters by appropriate emergency response units. The USNG is the Federal standard for civil spatial interoperability in these types of situations -- it is also directly interoperable with the grid coordinate system used by the military, in cases where military support is involved.



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