Private Sector Preparedness

Update "pre-fire" tours to include "pre-hazmat" considerations

Incentivize private industry to invite emergency responders in for hazmat planning and preparedness sessions.


Fire departments may conduct "pre-fire" assessments focusing on water supply and other traditional suppression issues, without ever considering the information industry is required to provide to them on Tier II reports.


Fire Marshals and other AHJ's may visit businesses to asses code compliance, but sometimes lack expertise in assessing hazmat risks outside those from ordinary flammable liquids, especially in non-industrial areas.


Meanwhile, the regional and state level teams often used to address hazmat response are largely unknown to private industry until they're needed.


Simply sending the public sector agencies a contingency plan doesn't achieve preparedness for private sector emergencies. Get hazmat teams inside the gate to look around and make suggestions before the emergencies happen.



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