Preparedness Grant Programs and Incentives

Use of Grant Funding for Personnel Costs

The use of grant funding for training and backfill needs to be reevaluated. Current federal funding guidelines do not permit for the use of grant dollars to pay for wages for those attending mandated training (such as hazardous materials and/or decontamination training in healthcare facilities) nor will it pay for those that are backfilling the positions left unfilled while others are in training. In today's economy, where healthcare organizations are already having trouble with funding, an unnecessary burden is being placed on organizations to deliver mandatory training without being able to pay the staff attending the training (because in my case, union contracts require it), and without being able to pay the staff to fill for those at the training. While I believe that some regulation of grant funds is necessary, I believe that as long as the funding meets the "purpose" of the grant, then it should be allowed. The federal government seriously needs to reconsider the use of funding for personnel compensation.



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