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General Preparedness

Stimulate a Community Grassroots Education Effort

I suggest that government and large corporations offer grant funding to local organizations that would stimulate a grassroots response to community disaster education and resilience. This initiative would focus on recruiting volunteers (retired, self-employed, etc.) to teach community disaster education and disaster resilience through the churches and other faith-based organizations, schools, and civic organizations in... more »


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Preparedness Grant Programs and Incentives

Vulnerable Pop planning - funding for human svc organizations

FEMA should divert some grant funding to state's human services agencies for planning for vulnerable populations. The already have the relationships and lines of communication with many in these populations. They also have access to many services and providers needed in an emergency - wheel chair transportation, access to nursing facility beds, knowledge of people with behavioral issues/ dementia, etc.


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Individual/Community Preparedness

Increase Social Capital of Vulnerable Populations

Viable support networks and social connections, which are part of the larger theory of social capital, are protective factors that decrease risk and enhance adaptation (Norris et al., 2007). Social capital theory suggests that “the more people connect with each other, the more they will trust each other and the better off they will be individually and collectively, because social capital has a strong collective... more »


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